May 15th, 2024

It's Okay to Be "Nice" in Business

Jennifer talks about how environmental laws affect businesses.

We recently had the opportunity to spend time with Doug Sandler, co-host of the “Nice Guys on Business” podcast, to share our thoughts on how environmental laws impact businesses and consumers.  

Some of the questions Jennifer answered are below, with a link to the entire podcast at the end of this blog:

Doug: Why should environmental law be important to those in the business community?

Jennifer: Environmental regulations are crucial for businesses of all kinds, from manufacturing to transportation to winemaking. These regulations affect daily operations and compliance is essential to avoid violations and costly penalties. Understanding environmental laws helps businesses navigate legal challenges and ensures they operate responsibly, both financially and environmentally.

Doug: Can you provide examples of individuals or businesses who, despite their best intentions, found themselves inadvertently violating environmental laws?

Jennifer: Certainly. One example involves a family-owned transmission repair shop that responsibly disposed of spent oil, only to discover that the recycling facility mishandled it, implicating everyone in the chain as potential polluters. Another instance is a client who uncovered an underground storage tank during site redevelopment and properly removed contaminated soil, unaware of the additional regulations they would encounter. These cases highlight how even well-intentioned actions can inadvertently lead to environmental legal obligations.

Doug: How do businesses typically approach environmental concerns, considering they often perceive them as secondary to other priorities?

Jennifer: Environmental issues often take a back seat in business operations until a problem arises. Businesses may conduct routine inspections and compliance checks, but it’s not until they face a significant issue that they realize the importance of proactive environmental management. Catalysts for action often include government agencies detecting problems or industry-wide investigations uncovering environmental issues.

Doug: What advice do you have for entrepreneurs and business owners regarding environmental law and compliance?

Jennifer: One common pitfall I've observed is the assumption that no one knows everything about environmental regulations and compliance. It's crucial for entrepreneurs and business owners to recognize the complexity and ever-changing nature of environmental laws. Consulting with experienced environmental attorneys can help navigate potential risks and ensure compliance. Don't hesitate to ask questions and seek guidance to avoid costly violations and mitigate potential damages. Remember, proactive measures can prevent problems down the road.

Want to hear more? To hear the entire podcast, click here: NiceGuys.

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