May 4th, 2022

Why Should You Know More About Environmental Law

Environmental law is surprisingly diverse. It crosses over with practic...

Virtual Program: May 18, 2022

Environmental law is surprisingly diverse. It crosses over with practice areas including: probate, real estate, insurance, criminal, and others. For lawyers, you probably have clients who need to know whether they can be affected by environmental laws to protect their businesses, their assets, and their families. What you don't know about this field can end up hurting your clients.

On May 18, 2022 at 5:00 p.m., Jennifer and Megan will present to the Solo and Small Firm Section of the California Lawyers Association in an MCLE-approved program: "What is Environmental Law and How it Might Help Your (yes, your!) Own Practice."

We’ll discuss real-world scenarios where we see practice areas intersect, and when it makes sense to bring on an environmental lawyer. Learn about people, places, and things that you encounter in your daily lives and in your legal practice where environmental laws might be at play, and how to identify when your client might have an environmental law issue on their hands. We will discuss issues that we see our clients struggle with, that other practice areas will recognize, and part of this webinar will focus on how to identify issues before they become actual problems, no matter what type of law you practice. Time will be reserved to exchange ideas with participants on best practices, questions, and networking.

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