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“I would highly recommend.”  

- K.F.

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"I would highly reccomend."

- K.F.

Our clients purchased commercial property as a retirement investment before deciding to sell it a few years later.  They owned and leased out the property without incident or indication of an on-site problem. Yet, thirty years later, they were listed as potentially responsible parties on a draft Cleanup and Abatement Order arising from contamination that pre-dated their purchase – they’d had no idea it was there.  

"Beyond a 10."

- Zach

Our client worked for a chrome plater and knew that someday he might need a lawyer.  He told us he kept our number for eight years, just in case!


When he had the opportunity to buy a plating facility, he came to us to help evaluate the legal and financial risks. Although he ultimately opted to pass on the deal, he expressed gratitude for the process.  “Jennifer and her team provided advice far beyond the issue they were working with me to help resolve. On a scale (1-10), they were beyond a 10.”

"[I] felt every step of the way that you were really fighting for us"

- Chris

POMONA, CA -- A retired couple received an unpleasant surprise when their former transmission repair business was sued for the alleged contamination found at an oil processing site.  Our clients owned a true father-son shop that sent waste oil to the facility.


They had no idea they could be liable for its investigation and clean-up. They wanted a lawyer to understand the disruptive impact a lawsuit would have on their lives even though they were just a small party in a massive, multi-party litigation. To them, personal attention and personality were important.

"You guys are professionals . . . I'm always confident I will get the best advice whether it's in our favor or not, so we can make smart business decisions."

- Grace

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – Our client was a non-profit organization negotiating a complex property transaction. Because the land was converting from oil production to habitat restoration, they wanted "some level of comfort and confidence that [it] wouldn't put the organization in jeopardy," and to minimize the potential for being sued in the future. They wanted a second opinion before advising the board of directors, so they turned to us.


"Gave us peace in our lives."

- Leonard

POMONA, CA -- DTSC filed a lawsuit against our clients and others arising from their former metal plating company, seeking reimbursement for investigation, oversight, and cleanup costs.  Our clients were living off of retirement savings, so money was a concern. They were also frightened that stress would adversely affect their health; they wanted as fast a resolution as possible.  We were able to settle the matter by working with a co-defendant to satisfy DTSC. Our clients were thankful to bring an end to that time of their lives and “move on” so they could soon visit their first great-grandchild without worry.  

"It was the most positive experience for an attorney. I can't say enough good things. Her approach is first class, she is genuine, gets informed, she's robust, amazing."

- Lydie

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Every story has a beginning; this one is ours.  Our first client needed litigation, not environmental, help.  She'd obtained a favorable judgment in trial court to enforce a settlement agreement and needed someone to defend her rights on appeal.   A reversal "would have been a disaster! I would have went through hell."  We were happy to obtain the result she sought and when we asked for feedback, our client said:


"In other experiences working with law firms, I have received what seemed to be “cookie cutter advice” which made me feel they were not invested in helping my company. However, Jennifer and her firm were extremely thorough in their research and did a great job presenting us with the core issues to look out for as well as the next steps to pursue to make sure our interests were taken seriously. Even after her work was complete, Jennifer reached out months later to provide additional information that could be beneficial for us down the road. To me, it showed she was thinking of our company even when we weren't actively working with her."

- Marissa

Jennifer had the experience and knowledge I needed. I have worked with large and small firms in the past and knowing that this case would take some time, it was about “right communication”. Jennifer knew how to communicate with me effectively, making the process much easier. I would both recommend Jennifer and work with her firm in the future.

- C.L.

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