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Teaching the Basics of Environmental Law Enforcement

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

San Diego, California

Jennifer Novak and three other people on a stage lecturing an audience at a conference

For the first-ever California Lawyers Association all-section conference, Jennifer planned and moderated a panel discussion entitled “Environmental Enforcement 101,” to help non-environmental lawyers better understand the ways in which enforcement may arise and provide some tips to avoid enforcement issues. Along with representatives from the government, non-profit, and technical arenas, the panel offered their perspective on six issues:

  1. How environmental enforcement arose within their respective fields;

  2. Who they see as common targets of enforcement, and what types of lawyers should think about whether their clients could be affected;

  3. How enforcement typically proceeds, both informally and formally;

  4. What people might find surprising about how enforcement proceeds;

  5. How people can avoid enforcement; and

  6. Current trends and what’s on the horizon.

Many thanks to the CLA planning committee for selecting our panel for presentation, and thanks to Legal Talk Network for interviewing us afterward for a brief podcast.

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