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Is Ignorance A Legal Defense?

August 15, 2023

Aerial photograph showing warehouses and other industrial buildings

Megan and Demi were asked to contribute to the Summer 2023 issue of the California Lawyers Association Solo and Small Firm section’s magazine, The Practitioner. This second issue of the year focused on attracting clients, building relationships with new and current clients, and developing business opportunities.

Megan and Demi’s article, “Can Ignorance Ever be a Legal Defense” combined information about environmental laws that have significant crossover with a number of other practice areas, while also noting the importance of developing good relationships with lawyers in varying fields for not just referrals, but also collaboration. The article gives an overview of the kinds of people who might be impacted by environmental laws, what they need to do to qualify for a legal defense for laws governing hazardous waste, and whether ignorance of certain information can really be a defense. Spoiler alert, it can! Click here to find the article and learn more.

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