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Megan's Invited to Speak at LA Law Day

November 13, 2023

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Megan was one of a select number of attorneys invited to speak at the City of Los Angeles L.A. Civil Rights Department’s second annual Law Day on October 23rd. The event is designed to empower future and current law school students through discussions with lawyers and law school administrators. Specifically, LA Law Day provides communities with access to members of the legal community, and is designed to increase awareness about career paths in the legal field and diversify law school applicants. The goal of the Civil Rights Department is an incredibly important one; diversifying our legal system is critical in seeking to advance civil rights and justice.

Megan was one of several lawyers invited to talk about their career paths. She provided insight into environmental law, including its impact on Environmental Justice. She offered information to future lawyers for a career path in environmental law, explaining its critical impact in communities.

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