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A Compare and Contrast of Civil Litigation and Environmental Laws

May 9, 2023

picture of a street in Riverside, California, lined by palm trees

Thanks to an invitation from Kiki Engel, current Riverside County Bar

Association’s Civil Litigation Section member and friend of the firm, Jennifer and Megan presented a legal education program about how lawyers can help their clients by spotting environmental law issues in their own practice areas. We talked about the extensive overlap of environmental law with a huge number of other areas of law, including trusts and wills, real estate, bankruptcy, corporate, and even criminal.

It was interesting to see that a number of the attendees had previously encountered

an environmental law issue in their legal practice. We provided some general

information about how the legal standards, statutes of limitation, and procedures

can be quite different from other types of law and why it matters. Our goal was to

provide enough insight so that these practitioners could take what they learned and

be able to serve their clients better by knowing how to spot a potential

environmental law issue.

Want a copy of our presentation? Fill out our contacts form and we'll be happy to send it to you!

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