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We're Six!

The number 6, to signify a 6-year anniversary

If you’ve followed us long enough, you’ll know that each year we celebrate our anniversary by making a donation to a philanthropy. Usually, it’s not only a worthy cause but one where we have a personal connection. This year, we are proud to make a donation to Happy Hats for Kids in Hospitals, located in Torrance, California. Happy Hats makes holiday and fun-themed felt hats for children hospitalized with life-threatening conditions and for their physicians and families as well.  Over the past five years, Jennifer has cut fabric, glittered, glued and helped with their fundraisers.  She has seen the incredible amount of love and care that this organization gives to these children and their families.  Over a million children in hospitals nationwide have received hats and care packages from Happy Hats and we are using this year’s anniversary to help them continue this work.  Providing a little love and happiness to those families who fear for the long-term health of their children is the least we can do.

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