Not all clients are the same. Some need counseling, some need to understand how the regulatory system works, some need a more aggressive litigator to push their results forward. We treat each client individually to find the best solution for their needs and expectations. Sometimes that means we settle rather than fight where clients may place a value on eliminating the stress of litigation or enforcement. Sometimes that means a full court press into litigation. Regardless of the approach, our clients are partners in these decisions.

Being a small firm means we can be selective in who we take on as clients. We are fortunate to have clients that we respect, enjoy working with, and trust. At the same time, being a smaller firm means we have fewer hurdles or obstacles to face when deciding to help a new client. Generally speaking, we can help the people who need our help.

Our past and present work has always been diverse. We cover a wide range of environmental matters at the local, state, and federal levels and represent plaintiffs and defendants, the regulated community and environmental non-profits. Over the past fifteen years, we’ve dealt with a variety of environmental issues–water quality permitting and enforcement, soil and groundwater remediation, air quality, endangered and threatened species, CEQA, fishing rights, nuisance, fire suppression cost recovery, and more, including general litigation and appeals. As a result, we have experience and relationships with many state and federal agencies, including:

● State Water Resources Control Board

● Regional Water Quality Control Boards

● Department of Toxic Substances Control

● U.S. EPA

● California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General

● U.S. Department of Justice

● South Coast Air Quality Management District

● California’s Air Resources Board

● Public Utilities Commission

● Forestry and Fire Protection

● Public Health

● Fish and Wildlife

● Resources Recycling and Recovery

Given that every agency has its own mission and personality, our knowledge and experience helps our clients to position themselves towards the best solution for their matter.